Fact Check: How Much Calories Burn During Kiss?

How Much Calories Burn During Kiss? Fact Check

Yes, it is true! Not just a perfect end to a date, kissing has got a number of health benefits. The most amazing of all the facts is kissing can burn calories. Kissing is a behavioural practice of almost all cultures around the world.

As per the reports of a health magazine, “passionate” kissing can burn up to 6.5 calories per minute. This can be compared to 11.2 calories per minute you burn jogging on a treadmill. According to the studies, it is revealed that oxygen consumption is the key to burning calories, all the heavy breathing during a kiss is the sign of calories burning.

During a passionate kiss, you enjoy kissing and this can double your metabolic rate. Below are some other surprising health effects of kissing-

1. Kissing lowers Blood Pressure.
2. Kissing Releases Oxytocin.
3. Kissing Reduces Mental Stress.
4. Kissing helps fighting Cavities.
5. Kissing tones facial muscles and works as a Pain Reliever by reducing anxiety.
6. Kissing Boosts the Immune System.
7. Kissing increases your lifespan.

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