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Motivational speaker Suraj Soni calls his father as his backbone who inspires him to be a successful person

We all have someone we look up to as an inspiration. In other words, we call them our idols or inspiring figures. Suraj Soni, a 21-year old built his life following the ideologies of successful entrepreneurs whom he considers as his idols. Soni is a motivational speaker who has a primary goal in life – to inspire people with his content. At an age when people spend time socialising and chatting with friends, this young guy is giving his best by creating motivational content on social media. Suraj loves to read books and watch videos of entrepreneurs in his leisure time.

Hailing from Rajkot, Gujarat, he says that one must always be open to learning new things. “The more you learn new things and concepts, the more you will upgrade your skills. I always have a curious mind to know what new is happening and what are the latest innovations on the internet. Gaining knowledge and sharing it helps me learn many new things in life”, stated the motivational speaker. At 21, this young guy is learning the tips and tricks about business as his main aim is to build an empire of his own.

Speaking about his idol, Suraj quickly replied that his father inspires him to become a successful person. With a business of gold and jewellery in Rajkot, Suraj is being mentored by his father on how to run a business and make it a profitable venture. He further added, “I have seen how hard my father has worked after which I am able to enjoy all the luxuries of life. I am fortunate that I have my father as my backbone who always inspires me to work hard.”

While talking about the public figures who inspire him, Suraj said that many personalities have contributed to his journey as a motivational speaker. Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar are a few names who have left an impact on his life. “One thing common among them is their humbleness which is a very important trait every person must have”, quoted Suraj. Moreover, Suraj Soni has some plans for creating motivational videos and share them regularly on YouTube as well as on Facebook.

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