Know more interesting facts about Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber

5 INTERESTING things about Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are one of the most loved and popular couples of Tinsel Town and fans simply love their camaraderie and bonding every time they get to witness it. It’s been many years that Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber have been together and they are all about making people believe that love is truly ‘magical’. While you all might think that you know every detail about Sunny & Daniel, the reality is far from that. So today, we reveal to you some interesting and unknown facts about the two which might surprise you to a great deal –

Sunny Leone wasn’t impressed with Daniel Weber in their very first meeting. However, after some time of gelling and getting to know each other well, they started dating and the rest is history.

Daniel Weber is also Sunny Leone’s business partner and together they handle SunLust Pictures

Sunny Leone never signs a movie or contract without Daniel not reading it

Daniel is extremely passionate about cooking and loves to feed Sunny with his cooked meals

Both Sunny and Daniel love their swimming pool sessions and whenever they get some time off their hectic schedule, they hit the pool together.

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