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Age difference means nothing if you are happy in your relationship with your partner – Mugdha Godse

Mugdha Godse is one name in the Hindi film fraternity who has ensured that success kisses her feet after some serious hard work in the entertainment industry. Mugdha began her illustrious career as a model and she’s even hailed as the Semi-Finalist of the prestigious Femina Miss India 2004 competition. She made her acting debut with Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion and ever since then, she’s been a part of successful movies like All The Best: Fun Begins & Jail.

Today, she’s one of the most looked upon figures in the industry for reaching where she is without any ‘Godfather’. Mugdha is currently in a happy relationship with Rahul Dev and despite initial judgements that have been thrown at them due to their age difference, the couple stayed strong together to be comfortable and happy in each other’s lives. When we asked Mugdha about why ‘age difference’ between couples is often made an unnecessary issue in the country, she said and we quote,

“Well, if you see earlier, age difference was quite a normal thing. It’s only a recent thing when the gap has reduced. But I always believe that whether there’s an age difference or not, the only thing that matters between you and your relationship with your partner is whether you both are happy with each other or not. As long as that is taken care of, anything shouldn’t be a problem. At the end of the day, it’s a relationship between just the two, and hence the opinion of only the two people involved in the relationship should matter and nothing else. I strongly feel that. ”

Kudos to Mugdha for being a strong woman and going ahead with what she wanted in life. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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