Aishwarya Rajinikanth has divorced her estranged husband… Bow The whole South film industry was taken aback. They divorced after 18-year marriage. Their relatives are attempting to urge them to remain together. Yatra and Linga are their two sons. Rajinikanth’s daughter acquired COVID-19 after her divorce, and her health became a concern. Aishwarya, on the other hand, believes in dealing with unpleasant problems as they arise.

“She believes we should confront ourselves (at all times) in life.” We simply have to deal with whatever comes our way. “Whatever comes our way will eventually come to us,” Aishwarya told Hindustan Times. When questioned about the year’s shaky start in 2022.

“18 years of togetherness as companions, spouse, parent, and very well of one another,” Dhanush and Aishwarya said in a document signed late Monday, January 17. The route of growth, understanding, and adaptability and they have come at a fork in the road of their lives. In order to fully understand themselves as people, Aishwarya and Dhanush have opted to go different ways.

“Love is a pretty common sensation,” Aishwarya said when questioned about her concept of love and whether she is ready to find love again.

Rajinikanth is said to be severely upset by his daughter’s divorce and does not agree with reality, according to reports. According to the story, both families are attempting to pressurize the couple to reunite. It was also discovered that the couple’s arguments were not unusual. Dhanush and Aishwarya had a tense relationship. “However, Rajinikanth was always able to persuade them to remain united.