The decision of whether to wear denim on denim or just denim causes a schism across the entire country. Others slay the denim over denim and some more denim style while some favor muted denim with a splash of color.

If you’re still unsure about whether you should follow the “all blue” trend, then check out this list of famous people who are very into their denim.

Bella Thorne

The Latina hottie wore a denim-on-denim look while accessorizing with a flannel, a white tee, and brown boots. Although Thorne looks amazing in everything she wears, we especially adore this western-inspired ensemble on her, especially with her long auburn hair.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid perfected the double denim style by adding a loose-fitting blazer and frayed straight-leg jeans to her ensemble.

She carried a feathery yellow handbag and boosted her frame with a pair of big black ankle boots.

She wore many pendant necklaces, including a Taurus necklace and Eliou’s Paxi shell necklace, to protect her décolletage.

She also added many gold rings and a pair of huge hoops.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a master of the fashion game, and this outfit is a great illustration. She completes her look with silver jewelry and a pair of vintage aviator sunglasses along with a figure-hugging denim top and jeans.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian will therefore undoubtedly be included on the list. Kim Kardashian updates the double-denim style. She chose a salmon-colored robe and a pair of revealing heels to complete her ensemble.

Anne Hathaway

It’s possible to dress up in double denim. Ask Anne Hathaway, who last week added a touch of uptown glitz to the go-to for the girl next door in New York. opted for full-sleeved, colorful crop tops with wavy line wide-leg trousers and matching tailored blazer in dark wash denim.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez went for a double denim look, choosing high-waisted jeans with clear chain accents at the front. The full-sleeved black turtleneck was paired with the skinny straight-cut trousers and overlaid with the same complementary denim jacket. Black boots and square sunglasses rounded off her ensemble.