Ram Kapoor, the popular actor who will be soon seen portraying eccentric billionaire Ashish Kapoor in the film ‘Neeyat’, spoke on his enthusiasm for the character and the film as a whole during the press conference in Mumbai.

When an IWMBuzz.com reporter asked Ram to share more details on his intriguing role as eccentric billionaire Ashish Kapoor, He said, “I would love to share more details about the character I am playing, but then I will get into trouble as my producer is standing behind me and the director is sitting here. We have all signed contracts. I can say that it is a fantastic character that I believe you all will truly enjoy. Playing certain characters is always fun, especially those offering unique and exciting experiences. I can assure you that this role has been one of the most enjoyable ones I have had the opportunity to portray. When you watch the movie, you will witness the enthusiasm and joy I experienced while bringing this character to life. For now, that’s all I can share.”

Neeyat will focus on the murder of billionaire Ashish Kapoor at his own party, where his entire guest list is suspect. The murder will be investigated by detective Mira Rao played by Vidya Balan, who must uncover the hidden motives and mysteries behind the murder. It will release in theatres worldwide on July 7.