Shahid Kapoor, 41, was once a boy next door actor who is now a celebrity with chiseled abs and a drool-worthy figure. He has wowed fans by experiencing drastic transformations for his films, including Udta Punjab, Padmaavat, and Kabir Singh.

He is, without a doubt, one of the industry’s fittest and hottest actors right now. Not to mention that he is the father of two children.

Kabir Singh, the actor who played the character in the film, had spent a long time preparing for the role. He’s put in a ton of work and gone through a complete transformation to look the part. Shahid Kapoor had to entirely change his nutrition for the job, which required him to appear in two different looks, one as a college lad and the other as a puffed-up guy. The end effects are undeniably spectacular.

Shahid looked incredible with his washboard abs. He also mentioned how exhausted he was while rehearsing for this part, but that it was all worth it.

“As a star, one is so conditioned to showcasing oneself at one’s best. But as an actor one has to have the guts to show yourself at your worst. #kabirsingh in my blood. Hope you feel him too.”

Shahid Kapoor has undergone a significant transformation throughout the years. The actor altered himself for his role in Padmaavat, which needed him to bulk up. To prepare for his job, he was put on a stringent diet and exercise regimen.

He underwent a tremendous shift in less than two months. He did not, however, wish to do it in a severe fashion that would have harmed his health. He mentioned the same thing in a recent interview. “Despite the fact that we were training, the look was primarily accomplished by eating rather than exercise. We just had two months to shed the pounds. I didn’t want to rush into anything since it’s not good for you.”

In an interview, Shahid’s trainer talked about how he put in a lot of effort to get the appearance completely. Shahid changed his diet and lost 14 kilograms in little time while filming for the sequence where he had to look like a college student.

Shahid is also constantly changing up his fitness routine. Shahid works out for up to two hours six days a week, doing planks, push-ups, deadlifts, cardio, and weight training. He also tries burpees and other bodyweight exercises.