What is the cost of Sunny Leone's personal nutritionist?

The Cost Of Sunny Leone’s Personal Nutritionist Will SHOCK You

Sunny Leone is one of the most popular and talented actresses of B-Town and her career has certainly hit an all-time high after a super successful stint in Bigg Boss. Sunny started her career as an adult movie actress before moving to India and today, not just is she a wonderful and popular actress, but she’s also equally rich and the fact that she just bought a new Maserati premium car certainly suggests the same.

Apart from her movies, Sunny is also someone who focuses a lot on her fitness and diet and no brownie points for guessing that she has a nice nutritionist and trainer.

So what exactly is the charge and fees of Sunny’s trainer?

Well, Sunny has been trained earlier by fitness trainer Mohan Manna and one session with Manna would cost you around Rs 10k.

Now that’s really mind-boggling ain’t it? Now we know what all goes behind maintaining that hot bod Sunny. Agree readers? For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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