After R Madhavan turned it down, Suriya was vast as the lead for the Tamil movie Ghajini which was directed by A R Murugadoss

Did You Know That The Tamil Movie Ghajini(2005) Was First Offered To R Madhavan? Here’s Why He Turned It Down

R Madhavan’s most recent release which is his directorial debut, ’Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ has been a commercial and critical success. Recently, he and his close friend Suriya held an Instagram live session. Madhavan revealed during the live session that he had passed on Ghajini because he wasn’t impressed with the second part of the movie. Ghajini was later presented to Suriya and went on to become one of the biggest box office successes. Madhavan noted that Suriya went without salt for almost a week, which made him realise how hard he had to work for the role.

During the live session, R Madhavan said to his friend Suriya, “I was offered a film called Ghajini. I rejected the film as I didn’t like the story and I told director AR Murugadoss sir that the second half of the film didn’t connect with me.”

While appreciating Suriya in the film, he said, “That story eventually came to you and I was very happy after watching you. I had seen you earlier in Kaakha Kaakha and I was happy because I felt the role in Ghajini had gone to the right person, which you as well proved. The success of Ghajini is a huge thing. I watched the hard work you had put in for your role in the film and for achieving your six-pack abs. At the time, it made me wonder whether I can do this since you were working that hard.”

The film Ghajini was originally released in Tamil in 2005. It starred Suriya, Asin, Nayanthara and Pradeep Rawat in the main roles. Its Telugu version was dubbed by Allu Aravind. In the year 2008, A R Murugadoss made a Hindi remake of the film by the same name starring Aamir Khan, Asin and Pradeep Rawat. This film turned out to be a smashing hit.