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IWMBuzz reveals to you why Disha Patani's hot screen presence is the ultimate killer. Read the story for more details

Disha Patani’s HOT screen presence is the ultimate killer

Disha Patani is undoubtedly the hottest and the fittest star in the industry. The actress has never failed to woo the audience with her super hot body and the upcoming movie Malang which is all set to hit the screens tomorrow, proves that she is totally a live-wire. Every look of Disha is always hot as fire and we’re all in awe. The energy that Disha brings to the screen gives her upcoming film, Malang an all-new level and vibrancy altogether.

The actress has made a prominent on-screen presence in all her movies and is always willing to experiment with her avatars. But with Malang, we are witnessing an avatar that we never had the chance to see earlier as in Malang, she is oozing hotness like never before. Her presence is impactful and every frame where Disha is a part of has made an everlasting impression. Donning a bikini with that perfect body to sporting at leisure, the actress has all the oomph to be hailed as the ‘hottest’ in the industry.

Disha definitely created one big impact with her song in Bharat titled, Slow Motion and her two sizzling avatars won over everyone’s hearts. While the trapeze artist was a superhit with the moves, the yellow saree look gave our heartbeats a skip. If we have to say rightly, then and how- Disha stands synonymous with hot, hotter, hottest!

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