Vishal Jethwa is one of the budding sensations in the Hindi film industry. To establish your niche and performance as an actor, especially when you have a stalwart like Rani Mukerji in front of you, is no easy task. However, like a true champion, Vishal was up for the task and with his menacing performance in Mardaani, he won the hearts of many. We at IWMBuzz engaged in an exclusive Rapid-fire fun segment with Vishal and his answers are quite impressive. Read to know more –

Would you ever date a fan?

Yes. Why not? Sure. I don’t mind dating a fan

How would someone get your special attention?

By being humble in their approach & honest to me

Your top 3 all-time favorite movies?

The first film that comes to my mind is Welcome followed by Sarbjit. Lastly, my debut film Mardaani 2

Do you sing in the shower?

Yes I do (Smiles)

What is your biggest fear?

The thought of losing my close ones

What would you like your superpower to be?

If I could heal people whenever they are in a problem

One thing which you always want people to remember about you?

I think more than my performance, I want people to remember my efforts behind that

Lastly, a message for the fans?

Please remember that I am the biggest fan of my fans