Stop everything and rush to see Priyanka Chopra’s latest Instagram photos. Today, the desi girl shared glimpses from her daughter Malti Marie’s first hike, and this will leave you in awe. In the first image, Malti Marie can be seen peeping below from a bridge in an animal-printed hoodie, black pants, and matching shoes. In the video, the little one enjoys her adventure trip and steps into a muddy land.

In the other photos, Malti and her cousin’s shoes can be seen all muddy, which makes it clear how much the kids enjoyed it. Desi girl’s little princess didn’t hesitate to put her hand in mud and experience the nature and fun of hiking. In one of the photos, Priyanka is seen feeding Malti, and the joy on her face looks clear.

But wait, that’s not all! There is a surprise stored for you. On the way to hiking, Priyanka asks Malti ‘Where are we going’, the little angel replies, ‘Hike’ and nothing could be as cute as her voice. In the series of videos, Malti was seen clearly communicating with her mother, and fans got to hear her for the first time. Well, this is also Malti Marie’s first hike. Loved how little Malti enjoyed the adventure ride.

Expressing her feelings for Malti Marie and her first hike, Priyanka wrote, “The magic of nature. Her first hike. She touched everything, jumped in puddles till she was muddy till her knees. To witness her in real time experiencing everything for the first time.. is just her magic dust that she sprinkles in my life every day. ”

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