When Jab We Met was released in 2007, it immediately became popular. It is among the top ten most romantic films in Bollywood, after all.

After DDLJ, it is one of the few romantic comedies that the entire country embraced. The Himalayan mountains, Punjabi farms, Kareena Kapoor’s Indian clothing, and the movie’s stunning backgrounds all contributed to the movie’s iconic status. Particularly Kareena Kapoor’s ensembles, which established a standard for many ladies. So here are three outfits we adore and that will live in our memories forever to commemorate 14 years of this legendary movie (yeah, we are getting older)!

Short Kurti with Jeans

Back then, wearing a short Kurti with jeans and a shrug on top was the ultimate OOTD! Many people tried to make a fashion statement with this look even before Instagram was there. Even now, wearing a kurta with jeans is a very cozy look. The silhouettes have changed between 2007 and 2017, which is the difference. That’s it.

The Patiala with T-Shirt

The Patiala salwar became the ideal choice for a stroll around the market or a casual outing when worn with a printed long t-shirt, a colorful inner, and mojaris to finish the look. Everyone wore this ensemble when they didn’t want to get dressed up but still wanted to look fashionable.

The Skirt With A Corset

Bebo rocked back in 2007 before it became the current fashion trend in 2017. The corset trend, indeed! She looked stunning in a red skirt and a black corset over a white tee. We wish we could wear this outfit again right now. Would you not?