If a cup of coffee gets you starting early or gets you through a pre-droop, you likely can’t fathom living without it.

However, many individuals refuse to drink coffee, either as they’re too susceptible to the causes/effects of caffeine or just because they chose a better early drink.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Lopez told Us Weekly in 2016 that she skips coffee and certain other kinds of caffeinated for cosmetic purposes, according to Insider. She allegedly stated, “I don’t drink, smoke, or consume caffeine.” “As you get older, that actually ruins your skin.” Lopez, it’s safe to assume, isn’t up to date with the current TikTok caffeine hack or the newest Starbucks beverage drop.

Her argument makes sense in the long run, both for herself and for everyone else. Lopez is a fashion and style queen, so preserving her image in this manner makes sense. Moreover, coffee can have a variety of physiological impacts. It can increase your overall levels, disrupt your sleep pattern, and, yes, even make you sick.

Hence, it is quite evident why Jennifer belongs to the coffee hate group.

2. Zendaya

In the early, what does Zendaya tend to seek? It certainly isn’t a cup of coffee. When it relates to beverages, Zendaya is really choosy. She detests caffeinated beverages, soda, and water in addition to coffee. “I’m a juice drinker, but not the pricey kind. Tropicana or lemonade, for example—not fancy”, in a 2017 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said. Zendaya says she will not really drink coffee because she doesn’t prefer the taste or if the caffeine will not really help her awaken: “It doesn’t do anything for me.”

Isn’t it shocking to know that these celebs don’t prefer coffee!