Tom Cruise is one of the most decorated and talented actors in Hollywood’s history. He is remarkably handsome and has given a lot of legendary hit movies that almost every movie enthusiast has watched. He is the best action hero of this era. He is popular around the world for being an essential part of the Mission Impossible franchise in which he plays the role of Ethan Hunt who is an American spy. Although many may know a lot about him from talk shows and interviews and movies, there are still a lot of facts and things about Tom Cruise that are unknown to common people. Check out some of the most interesting unknown facts about Tom Cruise here: –

Aladdin’s character is based on Tom Cruise: – If you’ve ever noticed a small resemblance between Tom Cruise and Aladdin from the Disney film of the same name, it’s possible that it’s because Disney animators used traits from Cruise’s face and hair to make the character more lovable.

Ray-Ban company’s savior: – It’s hard to imagine now, but Ray-Ban was having financial difficulties in 1981. Only 18,000 copies of the now-trendy Wayfarer were sold that year. But, as it turns out, Cruise single-handedly saved the company with the help of a little product placement paid for by Ray-Ban. He wore Ray-Ban sunglasses in hit movies like Top Gun and Rain Man.

Almost became Marvel’s Iron Man: – Before the role of Tony Stark was offered to Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first film, Iron Man, the role was offered to Tom Cruise, who turned it down.

He can hold his breath for an insane amount of time: – Cruise held his breath underwater for more than six minutes while filming Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation under expert supervision.

Nature is his gym: – Cruise prefers to practice for his hard feats in the wild outdoors, according to Men’s Health. To maintain his fitness and action abilities, he engages in activities such as rock climbing, diving, trekking, and sea kayaking.

Tom follows a diet named after David Beckham: – Cruise, according to sources, has maintained his leanness long into his 50s by adhering to the Beckham diet, a strict diet regimen named after a legendary soccer David Beckham, who is famed for his 1,200-calorie-per-day diet consisting primarily of vegetables and slim proteins.

An injury started his acting career: – Cruise enjoyed wrestling on his high school team, but due to a knee injury, he was unable to participate, forcing him to find another way to pass the time which led him to audition for the school’s production of Guys and Dolls.

Escaped death: – Cruise barely escaped death when filming The Last Samurai when one of the mechanical horses used in the fight scenes malfunctioned. It forced Cruise’s co-star, Hiroyuki Sanada, to swing his sword around at the wrong time, barely missing Cruise’s neck.

Acting was not his first career choice: – Cruise grew up in a strict Catholic family. At the age of 14, his first career ambition was to become a priest.

He actually hanged on a flying airplane door: – Cruise not only holds his breath for an impossibly long time underwater, but he also took his daredevil instincts to new heights in the opening scene of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, in which he hanged himself off the edge of a jet.

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