Check out who between Gal Gadot and Sofia Vergara is the real style queen!

Gal Gadot VS Sofia Vergara: Who Is The Real Style Queen?

Hollywood has witnessed some great actresses in both movie theatres and on TV screens. There are many talented actresses who have always nailed it with their performances. Among all, Gal Gadot and Sofia Vergara are two of them. Both of them have made everyone fall in love with their beauty. Apart from their fantastic acting skills, Gal Gadot and Sofia Vergara are also known for their amazing fashion and style. They have made everyone go crazy with their style on every occasion.

Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress and model is quite popular for her roles as ‘Wonder Woman’ in the DC films. She has made everyone’s jaw drop with her sexiness. Gadot’s fashion game is really high for someone to beat.

On the other hand, Sofia Vergara, the gorgeous 45 years old Colombian-American actress, model, and producer is one of the top starlets of Hollywood. The beauty has appeared in many TV shows and movies as well. She has made everyone adore her fabulous style.

Both Gal Gadot and Sofia Vergara have nailed it with their high style game but who is the real style queen? Comment down your opinions in the comment section down below!

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