Take a look at how Genelia D'Souza enjoying Tiramisu at weekend

The love of food that Genelia D’Souza has is well known to all. The actress frequently publishes pictures of food on her social media platforms, which makes us drool. Genelia made the decision to spoil her taste buds with a decadent Italian dessert this Saturday. Genelia shared a delicious Tiramisu on her Instagram Stories. We all adore the no-bake treat made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, and cocoa powder.

Genelia D’Souza became 35 years old on August 5. The actress’ birthday lunch was shown in a video that her actor spouse Riteish Deshmukh posted on Instagram. She ate a favorite Italian treat. The actress could be seen in the video chowing down on a pizza that was topped with onions, red bell peppers, coriander, and some pomegranates. Birthday lunch, according to the wording. How delicious the food was is merely an assumption.

Along with her spouse, Genelia D’Souza owns the vegan food business Imagine Meats. Genelia recently commended a hotel for serving vegan food while she was in Delhi. Her feast that day featured several drinks, freshly cut fruits, croissants with jam, sugar-coated pancakes, and what appeared to be a vegetable chilla. “Thank you very much for looking after us and making sure our meals are plant-based and delicious,” she said.

When it comes to eating, Genelia D’Souza has always had a highly expressive personality. Her indulgences are occasionally so completely relatable, in fact. She once used a lip-smacking spread to end a photo shoot for a new project. She made some delicious treats for her cast and crew. A variety of cake jars filled with blueberries, mangoes, and other delectable fruits could be seen on her Instagram Stories, along with rich chocolate cakes. The treats were all vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free to cap it all off.

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