IWMBuzz asks its readers Who're the 'real' wolverine, Daniel Radcliffe or Imran Khan

HILARIOUS: Daniel Radcliffe or Imran Khan, who’s the ‘REAL’ wolverine?

Daniel Radcliffe who’s most famous for his role of ‘Harry Potter’ in the J.K Rowling movie series once said in admiration for the master Hugh Jackman that he would love to be the next ‘Wolverine’. Well, little did he know that one joke would get people serious and actually hoping that he plays the next ‘Wolverine’ since Jackman has retired from the franchise.

Soon after, fans started making a photoshopped image of Daniel as Wolverine. But to his surprise and the entire world, little did he know the photoshopped image would actually make him look like the doppelganger of Indian actor Imran Khan.

Director Sanjay Gupta seems to be confused if its Imran as Wolverine there or Daniel and the resemblance is actually surreal when you see his post mentioning the same. Check out yourself –

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