Gaurav Sareen who has worked in many TV projects gets talking about his big screen debut with the film Dashmi. Read on to know of his role and about the film.

I am extremely satisfied with Dashmi, my debut work in films: Gaurav Sareen

Actor Gaurav Sareen who was seen playing the lead in TV shows Udaan, Krishna Chali London etc, is happy to be debuting on the big screen with the film Dashmi. The film marks the special beginning of ‘Ram Rajya’ in a special way altogether. The teaser of the movie is out now and ever since the teaser released, netizens simply can’t keep calm for 12th January, 2024 when the movie is set to release. got in touch with Gaurav Sareen to know more about the film, his big debut in films and more.

Read on.

Tell us about the experience of shooting with Dashmi?

Coming from a TV background, I was initially a little nervous, which is very natural since it was my first movie. But when I started working with so many wonderful and talented people, the journey turned out to be truly amazing. I got to learn a lot from every person who is connected to this movie in one way or another.

How is it to step into a big screen project?

For me, it is a dream come true. Ever since I started working as an actor, I always aspired to make it to the big screen and now here I am waiting for the movie to hit the grounds and I cannot be more thrilled.

What is the level of satisfaction shooting for the film?

I would say, I am extremely satisfied. The story of the movie is very interesting and people will be able to connect to all the characters involved. Plus, with the amount of hard work everyone has put into it, I am sure it will be liked by all.

Tell us about the film.

I would answer that in short – It is all about good winning over evil. The movie is full of emotions and the story is so engrossing that people will love it.

Tell us about your role and the challenges you faced while shooting for the movie?

My character is inspired by the characteristics of Lord Ram. I have had the privilege to play such a beautiful and positive character. Playing such a character only adds to your personality in real life and the same happened to me as well.

As far as challenges are concerned, all of us had to really work hard to get into the characters. There were workshops planned to make that happen. Our director made sure that every scene should be the best, no matter the amount of time it would take to achieve that.

What are your next plans?

I plan to do more movies or web shows where I would get to play even more challenging roles.

Any other project in your kitty as of now?

Yes, I am working on another movie which is also set to release in early 2024.

Best of luck, Gaurav!!