Shahid Kapoor found himself at the center of a social media discussion when a clip from an interview raised eyebrows regarding his comment on motherhood. In the clip shared on Reddit, Shahid expressed his disbelief at Alia Bhatt becoming a mother at the age of 29. This statement did not sit well with some netizens, particularly as Shahid’s wife, Mira Rajput, had embraced motherhood at the age of 21.

Shahid Kapoor on co-star Alia Bhatt becoming a mother

Talking to Bollywood Bubble, Shahid Kapoor said, “Alia is the inquisitive one, so I guess she will be asking the questions. We met recently and it’s great to hang with her. Now she’s a mother, I can’t believe she’s a mother. When I had worked with her, she was 21. Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time with somebody and then you’ve not met, you still feel they are that only. Like you don’t feel so much has happened to them.”

However, soon after the video sprawled on Reddit, netizens trolled Shahid Kapoor for his comment over Alia Bhatt.

They pointed out that Shahid’s own wife, Mira Rajput, embraced motherhood at the age of 21. The clip of the interview quickly made its way to Reddit, where it garnered attention and sparked a lively discussion. Users in the thread questioned Shahid’s double standard, finding it peculiar that he deemed 29 too young for motherhood despite his wife’s early journey into parenthood. The incident raised eyebrows and triggered a debate surrounding societal perceptions of age and motherhood.