Shivin Narang who was seen in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer film Goodbye talks about the importance that music has in his life. Read to know what he has to say.

I have a genuine interest in learning and expanding my musical skills: Shivin Narang

Actor Shivin Narang who has successfully migrated to films and was seen in Dheet Patangey and Goodbye, feels the need to be connected to music in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. 21 June, was celebrated as World Music Day, and Shivin Narang feels that music plays a very important role in his life too.

Says Shivin, “Music is truly very important. It is a part of everybody’s life and, overall, being an artist, it allows you to discover your own personality and preferences. The beats and tunes can bring you joy, sadness, or even nostalgia. Music is indeed significant to me. I have a lot of playlists of various types of music and genre.”

“In my profession, music holds great significance. It serves as a form of storytelling in every film, show, and music video. It is an integral part of our industry, and as an artist, being associated with music and rhythm is essential. Nothing goes without it,” Shivin adds.

Ask him if he wants to learn music formally, and he says, “I haven’t received formal training in music. However, as someone who is involved in the field and has a passion for it, I have developed an understanding and appreciation for music. I enjoy listening to various genres and consuming music in different forms. While I haven’t undergone formal training, I have dabbled in playing instruments such as the guitar, piano, tabla, drums, and flute during my college years. I have a genuine interest in learning and expanding my musical skills in one way or another.”

Way to go, Shivin!!