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The Bollywood kid who will be the next star, is it Ibrahim, Aryan or Ahan?

Ibrahim Ali Khan Vs Aryan Khan Vs Ahan Shetty: Which Bollywood Kid Will Be The Next Big Star?

Celebrity kids have a lot of expectations tagged with their growing up!! And once they are of the age of choosing their career, they tend to be harrowed by the media and paparazzi as the next big star in the making!!

Now we talk about three handsome looking youngsters who have till now been shielded under the able arms of their extremely popular Bollywood celebrity fathers.

The first stunning lad is Ibrahim Ali Khan who is the son of Saif Ali Khan. Born in the royal Pataudi family, the guy has really good looks and is a carbon copy of his father in terms of his face-cut and good looks, physique. When you see Ibrahim, it seems like you are seeing the younger version of Saif Ali Khan. With Ibrahim’s sister Sara Ali Khan already a famous face in Bollywood, Ibrahim is the next big face to hit Bollywood as an actor!!

Coming to Aryan Khan, son of the Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan, he is hot and handsome just like his father. His pictures on social media and the fan frenzy he attracts already show that people want him to be seen more!! And what better way than to be an actor like his father!! He has inherited his father’s good looks and we look forward to seeing if he has taken up the acting skills of his father too!!

Ahan Shetty the son of actor Suniel Shetty is again another cool-looking youngster staring to gain fame and attention of Bollywood. He is tall, with a lean and macho look. His physique is to die for!! And it will be wonderful to see him grow as an actor!!

Now which Bollywood kid do you feel will be the next big star?

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