Check out beautiful Saba Azad in a stunning blue and shimmery pink outfit performing on stage, have a look

In Pics: Saba Azad Shares A Picture Of Herself In Blue And Pink Shimmery Outfit

Saba Azad is an Indian actor, theatre director, and musician. She is a young artist who is well-known among young people and is active on social media. Saba Azad is an incredible actor and musician. She is also the girlfriend of Hrithik Roshan. The Diva has become a well-known celebrity in the industry. The actress made her appearance flawless with her hottest expression and appealing style game.

Saba Azad is active on social media, with 327k followers on Instagram. She posted images of her singing practice, numerous attractive costumes, and her life appearance with Hrithik Roshan on Instagram. She just tweeted a photo of herself performing on stage in a blue and pink shimmery dress; scroll down to see her look.

Saba Azad’s Outfit Appearance

In Pics: Saba Azad Shares A Picture Of Herself In Blue And Pink Shimmery Outfit 767640In Pics: Saba Azad Shares A Picture Of Herself In Blue And Pink Shimmery Outfit 767641

Saba Azad looked stunning in a blue and pink halter neck shimmering ensemble. Her hair was wavy and parted in the center, with two little buns on both sides. She bends her back, clutches a microphone, sings a song on stage, and provides a cool candid look in the photo. She can point out and gives position while singing the song in the second image.

Saba Azad captioned her post, “You prepare for a gig, rehearse day and night but nothing can really prepare you for what happens when you get on stage – more than 15 years of gigging live and this was by far the toughest Iv done – this, that was supposed to be a walk in the park given how much we’d prepped for it took the mickey outa us all thanks to the 4 o’clock sun beating down on us like death – I could barely keep my eyes open or see the audience let alone move around my usual way – by the end of song one I was so drenched in sweat I was certain I’d faint – adrenaline hallowed be thy name cause we made it but man this goes down as a seriously uphill one in my books – I doff my hat to my partners in crime for being so damn alive and bringing their A game despite the shitty weather and the amazing audience that was in there with us supporting, dancing and cheering us on – you guys make our world go round!!”

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