Check out these adorable moments of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez!

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Adorable Moments Together!

Hollywood has seen many talented actors and actresses getting together. It has also seen many falling in love with the outsiders like businesspersons and sportspersons too. Jennifer Lopez, the American singer, actress, and dancer has also been in love. Alex Rodriguez was a baseball shortstop then, back in 1999. Jennifer met the baseball player in 1999, who was a big fan of hers and gave him an autograph. It was May 2005, at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York when they again met. But Jennifer was married to Marc Anthony then and got separated later in 2014. And Alex was married to Cynthia Scurtis but later got divorced in 2008.

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It was in early 2007 when Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez met and started dating each other. The whole world’s eyes were on the pair then. They appeared on several occasions together. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez made their debut together as a couple at Met Gala 2017. Alex Rodriguez was also seen posting the autograph by Jennifer Lopez that he preserved for years since 1999. The duo has always looked adorable together. From being a fan to becoming the husband of Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez has made the whole world go AWW with his commitment towards her.

Both of them are supportive of each other. They have got a lot of adorable moments together over the past decade that are going to melt your heart. Have a look at them!

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