The Gym of God John Abraham

John Abraham’s fitness facts

John Abraham is the heartthrob of all the women. He is popularly known as the Gym of God. The 46-year-old actor is dedicated to his workout and his passion and dedication towards working out inspires many youth. He is strict about his diet plan. He has got broad bulky shoulders, strong biceps, six-pack abs, and muscular legs.

John Abraham likes to work out and he mostly spends his time in the gym. He focuses on two body parts in a day. He has scheduled his plan of exercising, and exercises at least four times a week. But he also takes rest twice a week. Getting into a perfect physique is not easy for an actor but his dedication level is on another level and that’s what makes him the Gym of God.

His workout plan basically involves cycling, running, exercise with dumbbells, crunches, leg raises, squats and lunges. He sticks to a balanced diet with an equal proportion of non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. He also takes 4-5 meals a day and consumes a high protein diet. He has scheduled a proper diet plan and he is strict about his diet and goes according to it. He is a true inspiration and motivator for his fans. Many of his fans are going to the gym by seeing John Abraham’s dedication towards workouts. He is the perfect man of the physique.

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