No country for women, they claim, and one has to agree after looking at the data. Women in India have always been at risk, regardless of the political party in power or the local community. The likelihood of the situation improving in any way seems to be decreasing daily.

You would only realize what a perverse world we live in when even Bollywood actresses, who are constantly surrounded by security personnel and event coordinators, experience heinous acts of harassment in public.

You may have observed that there are frequently reported cases of young ladies being sexually harassed in your neighborhood. Some people are aware that countless Bollywood women have been sexually abused. There are instances where attractive actresses are approached and flirted with in public. So let us inform you about the movie actresses with whom all flirtatious boundaries have been broken.


At a gathering she attended, Kareena was also the victim of abuse. She apparently decided not to respond to the incident, though.


Bipasha reportedly had a man try to grab her skirt as she was at a function in Ahmedabad.


According to reports, Rhea stated to the police that she had been touched in her building by an unidentified male in 2014.


A couple of men approached the actress inappropriately during a half-marathon and fled, taking advantage of the throng.


According to reports, a man approached Esha quite closely and misbehaved with her in an attempt to take advantage of the crowd.


A gang of boys allegedly abused Sonakshi by making comments about the actress and touching her shoulder and arms.


Sushmita has disclosed that she had been grabbed at an awards ceremony by a teenager.