Kavita Kaushik recently took it to her social media, showing her disappointment as Kangana Ranaut got the Padma Shri award and questioned why Priyanka Chopra was not given a Padma Shri award, however not being aware that PeeCee has already been awarded the Padma Shri honour.

The F.I.R actress said, ‘Why didn’t she get Padam Shree!? Fantastic actor, Brilliant human being, Globally a huge success and has put Indian culture on a pedestrial without holding a flag about it! And yes has never insulted any senior or contemporary artist or anyone for that matter! She is awesome!!’ sharing a picture of PeeCee.

However, netizens took a dig at her for not being aware that PeeCee has been awarded the honour back in 2016. One said, ‘Kavita a big fan since FIR days….hence didn’t expect this coming from u..at least u could have done some research before posting? She’s already been given a Padma Shri in 2016 previously.’ another wrote, ‘Padmashree can’t be given twice!’ as stated in MSN.