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The Lockdown Has Helped Me Get Closer To My Daughter: Tannishtha Chatterjee

In October 2019 internationally acclaimed actress Tannishtha Chatterjee adopted a 3-year old daughter.

The lockdown had proved a blessing in disguise for the mother and daughter. “If I didn’t get the chance to be home-bound for three months—and now there’s another month of lockdown in Mumbai—I’d have never got the chance to bond with my daughter Radhika . You see from the time she came home I’ve been constantly shooting. Radhika was spending most of the time with my mother.”

The lockdown forced Tannishtha to give up work and be with her daughter. “This has been the most unforgettable time of my life. Radhika and I have just been getting to know one another.I have been schooling her, teaching her basic etiquette and since I have no house help she has also been watching me do all the house work and know what it is like to be sulf-sufficient. Since she has spent so much time with my mother Radhika speaks fluent Bengali and my mother is worried she won’t be able to speak Hindi.”

Does an adopted child work for Tannishtha? “It works like a dream.I can’t see any difference between an adoptive and biological child. What I feel for Radhika is just way too precious to be comparable with any other relationship status.”

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