Sara Ali Khan might be just two to three films old in Bollywood but make no mistake, her fan following knows no bounds all across the country. She has developed a fan base like no other and it is because of Sara’s jovial nature, one may or may not like her as an actress but there’s no way one can dislike her as a person.

Even though raised in a ‘filmy’ background, Sara’s upbringing is extremely rooted and that always shows in her behaviour everywhere and with everyone.

Sara’s latest post is all about simplicity as she travels and tours all around Benaras as a true-blue religious soul.

Why we say Sara is the most gorgeous ‘tour-guide’ in the country is because Sara is the perfect blend of both the avatars. While on one hand, she can doll up and be her attractive avatar, on the other hand, she can modify her looks to look like a simple middle-class girl who is naturally beautiful. Check out the video below –

View Instagram Post 1: What makes Sara Ali Khan the most BEAUTIFUL 'tour-guide' in the country

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