SRK is the King Khan of Bollywood and it is his hard work and determination, coupled with his charm, that have brought him unparalleled success.

This is What Makes Shah Rukh Khan a Global Superstar

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the best examples of hard work and straight-out perseverance that led him from meager home situations to riches of the royal kind because he is the King Khan of Bollywood after all. With his sheer hard work and determination, he has risen to successin the industry and for decades on end, he has maintained his charm, his personal and his acting prowess. In 2014, he earned more money than Tom Cruise and that says a lot about the King Khan of Bollywood and how far he has come. He has been a part of over seventy films till date, most of which are super hits and absolute fan favorites.

After all, DilwaleDulhaniya Le Jayenge has been in theatres for over a decade now and we still see the shows running diligently because people still want to watch! Such is the charm of SRK that even youngsters are keen to hit the theatres and watch the timeless classic DDLJ.

This is What Makes Shah Rukh Khan a Global Superstar

Not only in India, but King Khan has also become a sensation in the whole world! He has his own production house, Red Chillies Entertainment which has produced some of the biggest blockbusters. He is the brand ambassador of Bengal and owns Indian Premier League team, Kolkata Knight Riders, which is an absolute fan favorite.

He is handsome, humble, down to earth, and talented beyond measure! All these make him one of the most successful Khans in Bollywood. His story inspires millions of people including many of the newcomers in Bollywood. He is versatile and loves playing various roles of different flavors- from the romantic Rahul to the hardworking coach in Chak De India. No wonder he is making it big in the international industry and winning hearts all over the globe.

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