Monalisa is a well-known Bhojpuri beauty who has made television appearances. Aside from that, she is an avid social media user who frequently engages in amusing banter, creates reels, and mimics viral posts. Her most recent video shows the actress wearing a blue and white maxi dress, revealing her hidden quirks. Check it out

Monalisa’s Morning Masti Appearance-

Monalisa posted a video displaying her quirkiness while enjoying Sunday Funday vibes. The outfit features a blue and white strappy, sleeveless, square neckline, bust-fitted, flared long-length maxi dress, which perfectly fits her. For her hair, she fashioned a side-partition straight look, opted for a no-makeup look, and accessories her outfit with gold rings, which elevated her overall appearance.

In the video, the actress can be seen wearing a pillow cover and making us swoon with her facial expressions. She mimics the song “A kya bolti tu” and says, “A kya me bolu,” as the lyric male voice says, “Sun!” and then she says, “Suna!” The male voice declares, “Mere liye chai bana.” She enjoyed the chat until the male voice said to make tea for him, and she became sad and upset. However, it’s just fun banter the actress indulges herself in today.

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