Natalie Portman is all set to make hurls with her work and performance in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, which is all set to be released next month. Reports say that the actress is all her heart and soul into the film and her character in the sci-fi, action movie.

According to reports, the role of Natalie, in the movie, demanded immense preparation, a better workout regime, a diet schedule and more. And Natalie isn’t falling back with her tenacious work and preps for the film. She said, “When Taika came to me and had this idea of bringing Jane back, but in a completely new way, I was obviously excited,”

Portman also added on she got fond of the hilarity and awesomeness in the movie especially that of Ragnarok. On the other, Tessa Thompson who is also portraying a pivotal part in the movie, talked about her role saying, “really happy to have found a new sister, and certainly (a) new adventure when the Mighty Thor comes her way.” To this, Portman also added,  “is also very encouraging with [Jane] with regard to all her doubts and having to learn how to be a superhero on the fly”.

However, for the unversed Portman thought that she would work out hard and lift weights for her role, but Thompson guided her for betterment, as Portman exclaims, “They were like, ‘Oh no, this is a whole lifestyle commitment where you have to be eating and drinking all of this protein’”