IWMBuzz shows you the best runway look of Deepika Padukone. Check out the photos below

[Photos] Check Out! Deepika Padukone’s Best Fashion Runway Look

Deepika Padukone is the eternal reigning ‘queen’ of Bollywood and we aren’t exaggerating at all. The lady has made some prolific film choices in the past few years and her records and critical acclaim speaks for itself.

Before acting, Deepika was a renowned model and all thanks to that wonderful height of her’s, she slew the ramp every time she walked on it. But the love for the ramp is such that she didn’t stop it even after becoming a successful actress. So today, we decide to show you some of Deepika’s best ever ramp moments where she’s truly embraced herself with the best ever runway fashion looks. Check out the photos below to understand what we are saying –

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