Priyanka Chopra recently flew to Australia to begin filming her next project, The Bluff. In this schedule, the actress is accompanied by her daughter, Malti. The actress always shares photos and videos of her little bundle of joy, which we adore. Even now, she has released a cute video of them relaxing with the team members.

Priyanka Chopra’s Fun Moments With Malti Marie and The Bluff Team-

Priyanka Chopra took the time to share a video on Instagram showing the entire team relaxing on a yacht. She also has Malti eating her fruits while the actress smiles and enjoys. The video is a collection of positive memories the actress shares with her Malti Marie and The Bluff team.

The video features Malti’s adorable moments, including smiling into the camera and playing on the beach. Seeing The Bluff’s full team coming together and enjoying fun is incredibly uplifting.

View Instagram Post 1: Priyanka Chopra And Malti Marie Enjoy Pre-Shoot Yacht Party With 'The Bluff' Team, Watch!

Priyanka Chopra captioned her post, “When I start a new project I need to know that the people that come together to make it are top notch. We spend so much time together, away from our families and homes ,thinking ,eating and breathing the art we’re contributing to. It becomes so much easier when everyone you’re surrounded by is full of joy , dedication and the absolute best at their craft. This feels like that. Here’s to new beginnings. Thank you Frank E Flowers and @therussobrothers @amazonmgmstudios for bringing together an incredible bunch of people. Looking forwards to the next 3 months here down under #TheBluff.”

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