Priyanka Chopra in a recent interview revealed about her personal style and how she chooses comfort and fashion all at the same time. Scroll beneath to read what she had to say

Priyanka Chopra reveals she is ‘moody’ about her ‘personal style’

In a recent exclusive interview with The Zoe Report, the mesmerizing Priyanka Chopra spilled the beans on her personal style and why she believes comfort and fashion are the ultimate dynamic duo. As she graced the magazine cover with her enchanting presence, Priyanka’s charm and wit shone through as she effortlessly blended her work and style philosophies.

Known for her remarkable talent and diverse roles in both Bollywood and Hollywood, Priyanka is a true fashion maven who effortlessly pulls off glamorous red carpet looks while still prioritizing her own comfort. Embracing her mantra that comfort is the key to feeling confident, Priyanka proves that you can conquer the world while looking fabulous, all without sacrificing your comfort zone. So, whether she’s rocking a dazzling couture gown or a chic yet cozy ensemble, Priyanka Chopra shows us that fashion isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too.

Priyanka Chopra on her personal style

Talking about her personal style, in an interview with The Zoe Report, Peecee said, “My style is very individual. I am very moody about my personal style. I will wake up in the morning and decide how I am feeling, and I always like being comfortable,” She added, “I always carry a pair of flats or sneakers on the red carpet. I am always that person who is looking to get the most comfortable while being the most fashionable. So my Spanx comes off right after the red carpet is done. I always have one/two options whenever I have a red carpet because I am moody. I might wake up and feel like it’s too tight, I can’t do it,” as quoted by Hindustan Times.

The actress also added on the best advice on fashion she ever got, is that ‘Less is more.’ Well, now we know why Peecee never has too much business going on with her outfits at the same time.

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