Did you initially underrate Margot Robbie? The 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street” trailer, a Kanye masterpiece that promoted Robbie’s character, Naomi Lapaglia, as sheer eye candy, was the thing that initially brought the Australian actress international recognition that piqued her interest online. Lapaglia was kept from becoming a bombshell trophy wife in Martin Scorsese’s timeless film, primarily because of Robbie’s explosive performance. Lapaglia was a fascinating, lively, and all-arounder with Robbie in charge. Hollywood was alerted by that.

Here are Margot Robbie’s 5 best films, ranked.

1. Peter Rabbit

This computer-animated recreation of the well-known British children’s book character has Robbie as the narrator and voices Flopsy Rabbit, Peter Rabbit’s sister. Despite receiving mediocre reviews, the movie made over $351 million, most likely due to how adorable the bunnies were.

2. The Legend of Tarzan

Even if viewers of The Legend of Tarzan wished Tarzan had remained in animation, the live-action movie did have Robbie working in its favor. She brought some passion to what would have otherwise been a tedious CGI production by playing Jane, the jungle man’s love interest.

3. About Time

About Time aims for the time-traveling romantic comedy once more, emphasizing multiple meet-cutes and second chances, over-correcting for the horror of The Time Traveler’s Wife, which debuted a few years before. Early on in the movie, Robbie plays a character who, even if Domhnall Gleeson had the ability to travel through time, would never be seen dead next to him.

4. The Big Short

The Big Short’s cameo showed that Margot Robbie is the best Margot Robbie character, despite making only one appearance as herself. She is still a celebrity even when she is repeating financial jargon in the shower.

5. Terminal

In the thriller Terminal, which centers on an assassin seeking retribution, Robbie plays the key role. Robbie contributed to the production of the movie, which also starred Simon Pegg and Max Irons, and was perfect for her skill as a convincing femme fatale.