Know the actual true story of Terence Lewis touching Nora Fatehi inappropriately

The real story of Terence Lewis touching Nora Fatehi ‘inappropriately’

Some time back, the internet literally went bonkers when photos of Terence Lewis apparently touching Nora Fatehi inappropriately went viral. While some chose to show grace by waiting for an official comment on the same from Terence and Nora’s end, another section of netizens slammed Terence badly for his alleged misbehavior and misconduct with Nora. Ever since then, a lot has been said and different people have different opinions on the subject. But readers, do you all wish to know the real truth?

Well, as per reports in, the photo of Terence touching Nora inappropriately is actually morphed. Not just that both Terence and Nora had taken to social media to clarify the matter and that certainly validated the ‘morphed photo’ argument all the way more.

Nora had taken to social media to defend Terence and was quoted as saying,

“Thank you Terrence! In today’s time of social media video morphing and photoshop effects for meme purposes… I’m glad you have not let it bother you and you have remained poised and dignified! This too shall pass you and Geeta mam have been so respectful with me and have made me feel so loved and accepted as a judge on the show, it’s been a great life learning experience! Stay blessed.”

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