Sanya Malhotra during a recent interview playing the rapid-fire round gave off some hilarious replies to the interviewer when asked about his favourite couple and dancer from Bollywood.

When asked to pick between, Katrina-Vicky and Ranbir-Alia, she said, “They are both so amazing. The question only is wrong, I will fix it. Sanya and her imaginary boyfriend or Vicky-Katrina? Vicky-Katrina.”

Then was asked to pick the best dancer between Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor, she said, “No, these two shouldn’t even be the options to pick from. Both are great dancers. I should have been there as an option. Sanya or Shahid? Shahid Kapoor. Sanya or Hrithik? Hrithik Roshan.” as quoted by Hindustan Times.