Saif Ali Khan is one of the most loved and admired actors that we have currently in the Hindi film fraternity. He’s been actively doing good work in the Hindi entertainment industry since the very beginning of the 90s decade and the best thing about him has to be the fact that come what may, he’s truly crossed all the hurdles wonderfully to become the phenomenon and sensation that he is today. Each and every time Saif Ali Khan comes up with a new movie project, the happiness and excitement of the fans hits a new high. He’s truly the royal ‘Nawab’ of Bollywood and well, that’s why, just like himself, he’s also raised his children very well alongside him. Well, two of the finest examples validating the same fact are none other than Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan.

Both Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan get along really well and wonderfully with each other and well, when they together get to spend quality time with their doting father Saif Ali Khan, there’s absolutely nothing bigger and better than that. All children love to ideally spend quality time with their fathers whenever they get an opportunity and well, this time, as well, it is no different for the two of them. Well, once again, we saw the two of them spend quality time with Saif Ali Khan and well, we are totally loving it. Well, do you all wish to check out the special video below? Check out right now folks –

View Instagram Post 1: Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan spend quality time with Saif Ali Khan, fans get 'family goals'

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