See who scored the most in the red looks. Was it Kim Catrall, Emily Blunt or Scarlett Johansson?

Red is the code for danger and the ladies, Kim Catrall, Emily Blunt and Scarlett Johansson are looking dangerously beautiful in these red looks. Hollywood has a great influence over Indian society as we continue to look at their works and culture and try to adapt those into our society. Today, the fashion world is highly inspired by western culture, hence, we try to imitate the outfits trending in Hollywood. Here are some red attire looks inspired by these beauties.

Samantha Jones from Sex and the City is known for her bold personality. Kim Catrall, who plays the role of Samantha is similar to the character. In this look, she is wearing a red slip dress and an animal printed handbag. Her hair and makeup complement the look. In her next attire, she is gone all red even with her handbag and heels. The outfit consists of a red shirt and a red skirt, which she has paired with a red belt.

The Devil Wears A Prada actress, Emily Blunt looks hot in the red dress. The dress is a sleeveless one and is made of faux leather material. It has beautiful details like the lace trim around the bottom and the lace lines on the dress. The belt gives it a waist definition. Next outfit is a red hot gown and is a strapless one. Her makeup and hair make this a chic look

Black Widow looks hot in red. Scarlett Johansson known for the role of Black widow rocks her red lace dress. The entire dress is sheer, paired with red lingerie. Her red lip makes her look sensuous. In the next look, she is wearing a sleeveless red dress, paired with red heels and diamond jewelry. She looks like the ‘dancing girl emoji’.

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