We reveal to you why Shah Rukh Khan is so famous

Why is Shah Rukh Khan so famous?

If Bollywood ever be called a ‘kingdom’, Shah Rukh Khan will be always be eternally recognized as the ‘Badshah’ of it. Hundreds came and went but the man remained where he was destined to be. Not just for India, King Khan remains the biggest superstar for India even outside the country.

For several countries like Egypt, Germany, France, and the U.S.A, it has been seen time and again that for them, their recognition point of Bollywood is none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

But the question is, what’s exactly that makes him so famous? There are others too who have had equal amount of success as King Khan in terms of sheer numbers and statistics but what is it exactly that separates him from the rest?

Well, it’s nothing but his own grit and determination that has taken him forward alongside a lot of other factors. But the question is what factors?

Well, SRK came at a time when romance in films was of utmost need. With his unique style and charm, he has established himself as the ‘King of Romance’ and that’s exactly what was the need of the hour in the 90s when he came. Not just India, the kind of emotions and feelings that are shown in SRK’s movies are unique even for the European countries and their movies and it is because of this ability to relate with emotions that make SRK’s movies popular worldwide. Add to that, for the longest time, SRK has been the only star from Bollywood who has done multiple shows and tours outside India and that’s a big reason why he became so popular.

Today when we look back, the kind of success SRK has, it’s difficult to point out just one or two factors that have contributed to his success but all we can say is we are certainly proud to have the ‘2nd richest actor in the world’ from our country.

Kudos to you SRK. Shine on and keep making the country proud.

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