Shahid Kapoor is known to be one of the finest actors in the country. The star has sparked much praise after his work in Kabir Singh recently, even though the movie had been critically called out by the netizens, we can’t deny that it was a life changer for Shahid Kapoor.

Saying that in a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ session Kapoor held on his Instagram, the actor was asked to pick between Kabir Singh and Jab We Met, and he chose Kabir Singh.

But his choice didn’t go well with the netizens, while one called out Shahid Kapoor for picking up Kabir Singh saying, “Imagine picking Kabir Singh over the not so toxic masterpiece that Jab We Met is. This is what’s wrong with society”, another backed Shahid Kapoor saying what’s wrong choosing Kabir Singh over Jab We Met, as stated in Koi Moi.