The Marathi diva Shriya Pilgaonkar just stepped into the fashion spotlight and left us all in awe! The gorgeous actress stunned everyone with her recent photoshoot, donning a mesmerizing daffodil yellow outfit adorned with exquisite see-through thread work details. Oh, la la! It was like a match made in style heaven, as the outfit gracefully hugged her bodice and blended seamlessly with the decor, making it an absolute showstopper for the celebration.

Coming to makeup, Shriya totally nailed the sheer look with her bold, dewy, and smudgy eyes that added a touch of mystery and allure. To top it off, she opted for a pretty pink tint on her lips, which added a perfect pop of color to the ensemble. And can we just take a moment to appreciate her long wavy hair that cascaded like a waterfall of elegance? Divine!

Well, the glam doesn’t stop there! Our fashion queen didn’t leave her accessories behind. No way! Shriya’s attention to detail was on point as she adorned her look with a pair of drop golden earrings that added that extra touch of finesse.

Feeling the #SheerLove vibes, she couldn’t help but share the breathtaking moments from her photoshoot. And boy, did she make us all gasp with delight! Props to her incredible stylist, Yukti Sodha, for bringing this ethereal look to life. And a big shout-out to Trisha Sarang for capturing these heavenly shots!

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Shriya Pilgaonkar keeps her shine intact in daffodil yellow adorn, see pics 838466

With her impeccable sense of style, Shriya rocked an outfit designed by the talented Supria Munjal. And let’s not forget the stunning jewelry that complemented her ensemble perfectly, courtesy of Studio Viange, Misho Designs, and Timeless Jewels by S.

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