Check out some of Sonam Kapoor and her controversial tweets

Sonam Kapoor & her controversial tweets

Sonam Kapoor is one personality who is known to not mince her words ever. She’s quite outspoken in terms of stating what she likes and what she dislikes. While at times, it’s regarded as a positive quality, it also has its own cons and time and again, we have seen the biggest of celebrities get entangled in controversies which they were certainly better off without in their lives. Sonam too has had her share of controversies on Twitter. While some were supported by netizens for the bold & frank message, some only earned her trolls & flak. So today, we compile for all of you, three of Sonam’s most controversial tweets which managed to send shockwaves on social media

Sonam Kapoor – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : This was one occasion where Sonam’s outspoken nature was appreciated by netizens. Apparently, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had put up a tweet which was not very much supportive towards the ideology of homosexuality. This was when Sonam took to Twitter to school Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a bit on the subject.

Sonam Kapoor & her controversial tweets

Sonam Kapoor – Vivek Oberoi : Few months back, Vivek Oberoi ended up inviting trouble on social media for himself when he shared a meme involving himself, Salman Khan & Aishwarya. It wasn’t really taken in the right spirit by netizens and they wasted no time in trolling Vivek. Sonam too seems to have joined the party and left no stone unturned to bash Vivek by calling his tweet ‘Disgusting & classless’

Sonam Kapoor & her controversial tweets 1

Sonam Kapoor ‘Privilege’ controversy – This was one rare occasion when Sonam got it horribly wrong. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Sonam thanked his father for blessing her with the ‘privilege’ she’s been born with it. Not just that, she even stated that she feels proud of the privilege she’s born with. This was ample for netizens to pounce on the situation and troll her left, right & centre for allegedly glorifying concepts of nepotism and classism.


Sonam Kapoor & her controversial tweets 2

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