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Shah Rukh Khan slays in Karan Johar's gifted jacket

SRK slays in a jacket gifted by Karan Johar

The exemplary friendship of Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan is been there for years. The duo pretty much started their journey around the same time and since then have flourished like anything. While Karan rules in the heart of movies as Dharma’s boss, SRK is the ‘King Of Bollywood’ and hence referred to as Badshah of Bollywood for a reason.

Years have gone and changed and so have their dynamism but what hasn’t changed is the fact that their friendship has remain unchanged. Exchanging gifts between friends is a common part of friendship and Karan Johar is known to give away some amazing gifts to his friends and the latest that he has given is to Shah Rukh Khan and SRK truly knows how to value a friend’s gift. Take a look –

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