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Disha Patani is a style queen and diva now but we are all the more impressed to know how much effort she has put in to reach this stature and be a diva.

The Style Evolution of Disha Patani

From the once known pastel goddess, Disha Patani went to retro glam and explored genres of fashion like very few have been able to in Bollywood. Best known as the model for renowned brand Calvin Klein, Disha Patani has created a very unique kind of wave in the industry with her boldness and style. Photos that have surfaced on social media from a few years back show that Disha wasn’t even half the Diva she is now, but it has only made us love her more. The contrast is stark, going from a sari and pearl necklace to an edgy- off shoulder.
The Style Evolution of Disha Patani
It is almost like we are looking at two different people! Her makeover has strong and very defining difference in makeup, going from simple everyday look to a sleek yet simple touch that makes her look almost heavenly.

From an awkward and simple girl to the Brand Ambassador of a lingerie brand, the journey is indeed commendable. She indeed proves that anything is possible if you put your heart to it.
The Style Evolution of Disha Patani 1
Fans are nothing but inspired from this astounding style evolution of Disha Patani and have nothing but respect for her to have taken a bold and edgy move like this. She has also become an inspiration to the millions of viewers and is a living testimony to all those young women out there who are looking to revamp their style and redo wardrobes as well.

At the end of the day, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and Disha Patani also believes that it is the personality of the individual and who they truly are that should never change. Beauty comes from within and changing your appearance can never be too hard, and we think Disha Patani has made that more than clear now hasn’t she?

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