IWMBuzz asks you who has the real breathtaking moves between Tara Sutaria and Nora Fatehi. Check out the photos and videos for more details

Tara Sutaria Vs Nora Fatehi: Who makes breathtaking dancing moves better?

Both Tara Sutaria and Nora Fatehi are modern-day sensations in the true sense of the term and the way they have impressed already despite being just about 2 years old in the industry on an average is quite fascinating.

But what’s the possible comparison like when it comes to the art of dance? How good are both and who is better? Well, while Tara is an exceptionally talented artiste across all forms like singing, dancing and acting, Nora happens to be a professionally trained dancer for the longest time. She’s been a part of numerous workshops on dance and her moves stun the audience. So, when the comparison comes about who is a better dancer between both, who would be your pick?

Check out their photos and videos below to take the all-important call –

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