Those who are a die-hard fan of Shahid Kapoor would certainly not like to hear few things about this chocolate hero who has played various roles onscreen right from a peace-loving, calm and composed timid lover in ‘Jab We Met’ to obsessed lover in ‘Kabir’, recently.

Things you should never say to a Shahid Kapoor fan

Crazy fanatics and lovers have adored, Asia’s sexiest men 2017 as declared by India today, in his every role. Here is a list of few things which you should not utter in front of Shahid Kapoor fan to escape their wrath:-

1) He owes his fame to his veteran actor parents

Shahid Kapoor has never enjoyed the privilege of being a spoilt brat of his parents, who got the fame and the work in the celluloid because of his famous parents. He has worked as a background dancer, shot small ad films and work for Shiamak Davar before he got the chance to work as the lead actor on the silver screen.

2) He is better a supporting actor

Shahid Kapoor has never failed to showcase his acting talent in the various movies like Haider, Padmavati, Udta Punjab, Kaminey, and Jab We Met. Although there are also few flops in his Kitty of movies then you can’t judge a person by some failures if you can’t judge him with few successful roles.

3) Short Height

Height has never been a perimeter of success and capability when it comes to checking actors like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Rao, Shahrukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, etc. So, why only Shahid to confront height matters?

4) Non-compatible with most actresses

Those who think he is not compatible with female leads having mature looks like Vidya Balan or Rani Mukherjee needs to rethink after Padmavaat. In this movie, he was cast opposite Deepika Padukone who is taller too, besides having mature looks.

5) Doesn’t have the looks of the hero

Those who things heroes have to be mature and macho needs to rethink after watching Shahid onscreen where he plays charming, handsome, well mannered, well dressed and down to earth personality by who does not smoke, drink and is also a vegetarian in real life.

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