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Check out the untold story of Neil Patrick Harris!

The Untold Story Of Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris, an American comedian, and an actor is seen in many TV shows like, How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014), A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017-2019). He also appeared in the movie, Gone Girl (2017) and hosted several award shows. Apart from being an actor and a comedian, he is also a filmmaker, magician, humanitarian, and a singer. The man has almost all the qualities in him.

Harris was born in the city, Albuquerque, in New Mexico. He was the eldest son of the two lawyers, Sheila Gail and Ronald Gene Harris, who also ran a restaurant. He began his career as a child acting artist in Mexico. He was discovered as an American screenwriter, Mark Medoff in a drama workshop. He entered the film industry 1988 by making his debut in Clara’s Heart. He has also hosted many award shows, including Academy Awards in 2015.

Apart from his success, very few know about his personal life and his sexuality. He made his sexuality exposed by identifying himself as gay. He declared his relationship with David Burtka, an actor and a chef since 2004. They have two children who are twins. They got married in 2004, in Perugia, Italy. Harris has been of the LGBTQ+ representative from the Hollywood industry. The star once said: “I am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man, living my life to the fullest.” The statement made it clear that he was proud to be gay and he is happy.

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